Website Maintenance and Support Website Maintenance and Support

Website Maintenance and Support

Ongoing professional technical support of websites ensures the high quality of their functioning and their accessibility for website visitors: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We provide support for any website created using MODX CMS (content management system).

Technical support services include content management system (CMS) administration: updating the system and the modules used, restoring functionality, regular backups. We perform both the installation and configuration of standard modules and develop custom solutions according to the specifications.

As part of the support services, it is possible to fill the project with content (texts, photos, videos, tables, etc.), create or delete sections, menus, and so on.

Website Maintenance and Support

Support of websites using MODX

We provide ongoing support for websites developed using the MODX system: timely updates, regular content filling, backups!

  • We Provide Advice

    01. We Provide Advice

    Advice on any issues related to website functioning and further development.

  • Punctuality in Communication

    02. Punctuality in Communication

    When you entrust us with the task of website support, you can always count on a high-quality result within the deadlines that have been agreed upon. The reaction time and the response time with regard to responding to client requests is in accordance with the SLA.

  • Website Availability Monitoring

    03. Website Availability Monitoring

    We promptly eliminate technical failures, due to which the resource may be unavailable. We back up data or restore it if necessary.

  • Technical and Information Support

    04. Technical and Information Support

    We work on development/finalisation in terms of functionality, and we also work on the website content. We fix technical problems, strictly observing the set deadlines.


Customer Reviews

During our cooperation, we were convinced of the professionalism of the "DEVNRISE" team with regard to fulfilling the set tasks, as well as of the responsible approach to work. The company is distinguished by a high interest in the final results of the work carried out, as well as by the desire to advise and offer all kinds of solutions to improve marketing activities on the Internet.

Miheeva Aina

We thank "DEVNRISE" for the professionally completed website development project. Since this is our second web project implemented by "DEVNRISE", we once again became convinced of the professionalism of this company. The new website design is an excellent embodiment of the style and quality of Häcker kitchen products and our services.

Andzej Schetkovsky

During our cooperation with "DEVNRISE", we were convinced that the company took its work very seriously. All components of the website were designed with a focus on usability. We conducted the final testing involving our employees, and the new website showed a high level of convenience.

Sergey Buzak

We thank the company for cooperation during the development of the website, and we also recommend other enterprises to use the services provided by "DEVNRISE". "DEVNRISE" has a professional team, which is ready to offer customers the best solutions for creating a modern website.

Inga Šternberga

After a thorough analysis of suppliers in the field of website development and internet marketing, we opted for "DEVNRISE". Now we can confidently say that we have made the right decision. "DEVNRISE" employees were able to correctly understand our wishes and completed the project in accordance with the requirements set by our company.

Anton Shalaginov

"DEVNRISE" has created a new website for the Olympic Gymnastics Centre. I thank the "DEVNRISE" team for their good work. The website created turned out to be very modern and stylish. The website is also promoted on a search engine to maintain our image and attract the attention of new customers.

Eugene Sapronenko

We thank the "DEVNRISE" team for their responsiveness and prompt work. "DEVNRISE" is highly interested in the final results of the work, and, therefore we recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner in any matters related to the creation and development of websites.

Kristina Linova

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