MODX Custom Development MODX Custom Development

MODX Custom Development

Would you like to add unique features to your website? Due to many years of experience and using the open-source MODX platform for editing, our specialists will implement any of your ideas!

Scalable B2B/B2C projects using MODX that are created by professionals: a result that will 100% suit your needs!

Over the years of successful work, we have been able to prove to our clients that there are no ideas that cannot be implemented! Whatever your idea, no matter how complicated the functionality of the internet resource may seem, our developers will fulfil all your wishes. We develop websites for B2B/B2C, taking into account the specifics associated with your field of activity.

An experienced team will work with you. We develop turnkey websites: concept elaboration, design development, project development and the support of the internet resource will be provided in accordance with your requirements and the current trends. You can get detailed advice at each stage, while we will make sure that any solution can be practically implemented and that the project ROI meets your expectations.

MODX Custom Development

Advantages and features of custom
development using MODX

  • Custom UI/UX
    Custom UI/UX
    Custom UI/UX

    Custom UI/UX

    100% custom user interface and responsive design that match your business goals.

  • Development of Custom Modules and Addons
    Development of Custom Modules and Addons
    Development of Custom Modules and Addons

    Development of Custom Modules and Addons

    We develop non-standard functionality and expand the website capabilities in order to increase the competitiveness of your business and ensure its evolution.

  • Communication with External Systems
    Communication with External Systems
    Communication with External Systems

    Communication with External Systems

    We will integrate your website with any external API service, whether it is a CRM/ERP system or a payment system for e-commerce.

  • SEO Focus
    SEO Focus
    SEO Focus

    SEO Focus

    Due to system flexibility, it is possible to automatically generate meta tags and user-friendly URLs, which is a clear advantage in terms of further website promotion.

  • Personal Manager
    Personal Manager
    Personal Manager

    Personal Manager

    You will have a personal project manager, who will always be ready to report on the status of work, interim results, development plans. You do not have to individually contact each person who engages in the project.

  • Warranty


    A 2-year warranty for all projects we develop, regardless of their scope and complexity.

Projects for which custom development with MODX is used

  • Corporate Websites

    Corporate Websites

    A fully-fledged online representation of your business and an effective tool for attracting and retaining clients.

    Developers can also add additional software modules to the internet resource that will highlight the specificity and uniqueness of your company.

  • E-commerce Solutions

    E-commerce is a rapidly expanding industry. Even a call from the company manager is often considered uncomfortable by clients. The faster and more autonomously the purchases are made, the better. We will help you easily cope with this task as well! The developed platform for online business will be modern, with an up-to-date system created for sales, payments, and logistics.

    E-commerce Solutions
  • CRM Connectivity and Sales Automation

    CRM Connectivity and Sales Automation

    Business automation is a pressing issue and an important task that every company faces today. We carry out integration with CRM/ERP systems.

  • Portal

    Development for specific commercial and information purposes. We work using Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies, as well as applying combined approaches.


Stages of Work

  • Analysis

    01. Analysis

    We will learn more about your competition, finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are, which we need to highlight your advantages. We define the goals and objectives of the project, as well as the area for its development in the future. Let your potential clients always choose you over your competition!

  • Project Development and Design

    02. Project Development and Design

    We specify all the details, and we think about user convenience. We create catchy visual images in order to deal with marketing challenges.

  • Layout and Development

    03. Layout and Development

    We create and code the website from scratch, bringing it to functional and visual perfection. The stage includes HTML/layout and back-end development.

  • Testing

    04. Testing

    We check how the website functions in different situations. To what extent is the work with the resource convenient and pleasant for a client? We put the finishing touches to the project, just like jewellers, because not a single annoying detail or error should prevent one from working normally with the website!

  • Launching and Support

    05. Launching and Support

    We put the website into operation. In the future, we can provide support for the website, improving and continuing to develop it if you wish this. And you can also be ahead of the competition!

  • Contact

Our Projects



Development of an eCommerce online jewellery store

AP Sauli

AP Sauli

Website development and synchronisation with the reservation system

Sky Dream Clinic

Sky Dream Clinic

Development and promotion of dental clinic's website

BKB Birojs

BKB Birojs

Development of accounting firm's corporate website

Customer Reviews

During our cooperation, we were convinced of the professionalism of the "DEVNRISE" team with regard to fulfilling the set tasks, as well as of the responsible approach to work. The company is distinguished by a high interest in the final results of the work carried out, as well as by the desire to advise and offer all kinds of solutions to improve marketing activities on the Internet.

Miheeva Aina

We thank "DEVNRISE" for the professionally completed website development project. Since this is our second web project implemented by "DEVNRISE", we once again became convinced of the professionalism of this company. The new website design is an excellent embodiment of the style and quality of Häcker kitchen products and our services.

Andzej Schetkovsky

During our cooperation with "DEVNRISE", we were convinced that the company took its work very seriously. All components of the website were designed with a focus on usability. We conducted the final testing involving our employees, and the new website showed a high level of convenience.

Sergey Buzak

We thank the company for cooperation during the development of the website, and we also recommend other enterprises to use the services provided by "DEVNRISE". "DEVNRISE" has a professional team, which is ready to offer customers the best solutions for creating a modern website.

Inga Ċ ternberga

After a thorough analysis of suppliers in the field of website development and internet marketing, we opted for "DEVNRISE". Now we can confidently say that we have made the right decision. "DEVNRISE" employees were able to correctly understand our wishes and completed the project in accordance with the requirements set by our company.

Anton Shalaginov

"DEVNRISE" has created a new website for the Olympic Gymnastics Centre. I thank the "DEVNRISE" team for their good work. The website created turned out to be very modern and stylish. The website is also promoted on a search engine to maintain our image and attract the attention of new customers.

Eugene Sapronenko

We thank the "DEVNRISE" team for their responsiveness and prompt work. "DEVNRISE" is highly interested in the final results of the work, and, therefore we recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner in any matters related to the creation and development of websites.

Kristina Linova

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